By Wander Lúcio Gomes. (PU4WLG)


I have all my Radios converted to DDS-VFO

My Galaxy drift is gone!

James 222


DDS-VFO Works Great!

Super stable and fun!


I had an old cobra crystal base and DDS-VFO expanded it perfecily!

Great Kit guys!

Jack Rabbit


I got the DDS-VFO installed in my 2000 and WOW! Works great, no holes no switches and looks cool!

Great band width, power is same on top and bottom.


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Some reviews about us. 

Make your radio new again!

DDS-VFO kits are out of this world and the best way to upgrade or expand your old radio so it has a

new life and look.

Sold, Built and  Installed by Troy Radio Service                  

This is a great project for those of you who want a full functioning VFO for your radio. It can be as simple or as full featured you like, lets say you have a favorite radio but the Pll is dead and it will cost alot to repair it, no problem, with the DDS-VFO you can, and cheap! Another example is your Channel display is out and you don't want to pay the high price of getting a new one, no problem...just slide in the DDS-VFO and your done!

The new version has been fully customized to adapt to various radio models, including HF radios. This version allows a frequency adjustment for bandwidth mode with limits from 0Hz to 99MHz, it also allows removing the Channel mode and Radio Receiver mode, remaining exclusively for a VFO mode.

In general, this version has:

   Channel Mode

   VFO Mode

   Display your call sign

   Band Scan Mode

   HF Receiver Mode  (mixer not included, but easy to build or purchase from us!)

   20 Polyphonic roger beeps

   RF Spectrum Scan

   Rf Sprctrum Auto-Scan

   A settings / Service Menu with 29 items

includes several adjustments that can be made by the user, such as:

lock / unlock clairifier, choose between 20 roger beep tones or leave in a random mode, Turn on / off frequency in Channel mode, limit TX time, control brightness of screen, set high and low frequency range, 2nd output for Transverter to name a few.

The free version is available to be tested, meeting expectations, a key for the full version is sold for $27.00. The release key can only be used in the Arduino you have. Here is how that works...

When you or we put the software on an Arduino, we ask you for the codes that the software generates, they have to mach and this is why the key will never work in another arduino. Then we send you an email with the key. The key is entered from the dial and once you have compleated the entry, you will have a full version.

***Remember, this key will only work for that Arduino board, you will need another board and another key to make another one work.****

Specials untill further notice:

A full kit including 1) Arduino, 1)Si5351, 1).96 OLED Display and encoder, along with full documentation. $75.00

Send in your radio and we do it all for $175.00

All of the componants of each kit we send you, are tested 100% In house before we ship.


Email for more information and kits.


Ver. 4.12 Dual Dispaly

Ver. 6.27 (Full featured)

Some Versions have differant uses and options.

Please ask prior to ordering.

6.27 .96"

6.27 1.8"

User PDF

S-Meter install Guide 8/26/2021

NEW for 2021 S-Meter .HEX file Free Download!

Roll your own or buy the full kit from us

Click HERE

Test Firmware

S-Meter can be purchased as a separate kit.

DDS-VFO 6.27 manuals

Don't forget the S-Meter!

Install PDF

How to load the firmware

First downlod the Free Xloader software and Windows drivers. Click Here: Xloader

Second, download the drivers, click here: Drivers

Setup Xloader as in its help section. Now you can load the .hex file to the Arduino!

Clean_Data not used after 6.xx Click Here: Clean_Data

Full kit for you to install.

Choose firmware below.

DDS-VFO Videos!


New for Amateur Radio in 2021

GEBETRAC is a FREE RF Generator / Sweep Trac and CW Beacon all in one!

Wander Lúcio Gomes. (PU4WLG)

* Easy to use firmware!

*Great project for club participation!

* Make your own Beacon station.

* Use it a an RF generator on the bench!

Download the Free firmware!            Manual


Outside the U.S.A

Click here:

Purchase and send your radio to us for installation.

HF RX Converter board

Comes pre-flashed on Arduino mini pro


DDS-VFO is intended for receive only operation if being used in “Class D citizen band radios inside the U.S.A” Operation other than receive in Class D citizen band radios inside the U.S.A, may constitute violation of part 95 FCC rules and regulations.

Information contained on this website is for technical and educational purposes only.

Note, we reccomend the 0.96" display size for mobile radios. Base radios 1.3"

New 6.50 DDS-VFO Firmware. Use the dropdown box to choose the size of display you will be using.

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