Set Top Box

Select your VFO optiions
DC plug Options

The Rf cable is RG-174/U with hand soldered ends and swepted with the a network analizer to assure funtionality

HF Receiver Board

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Congratulations! Your looking at the first VFO set top box that will work with virtuly ANY radio!

From a simple VFO to a sophisticated radio control device, VFO-STB handles it with ease.


* Mode indicator for Am, LSB, USB, CW and FM

* Mode offset control

* Band Scan 

* Spectrum scan

* Channel scan with stop and resume

* Roger Beeb

* PTT sense

* PTT control

* TX time out timer

* HF Receiver (optional interface needed)

* Main VFO tuning and Fine tune knob


Tech stuff:

The VFO-STB has 3 rf outputs:

Clk 0 is the main rf going to your radio.

Clk 1 "Wildcard output" for anything you may need                                it for, or to calibrate the main oscilator.

Clk 2 HF Receiver mixer signal for optional HF RX board.

This NEW cable plugs directly into a crystal socket and connects directly to the VFO-STB (Set Top Box) Great for the older tube radios!

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